2021 :

Ascending Lotus Craft Fair – August 7 & 8

(Pending) Wasabi Con – August 21 & 22

(Pending) Kumoricon – November 4th & 5th

2022 :

Burningcat Con PDX


Studio V2.0 – The Collective.

Currently my studio resides in a luxurious and well lighted environment – I have an excellent view of a tree outside and there’s also a Studio Cat and Dog too! I am part of a Digital Art Collective started by my friends and I. Together we support each other, share resources and develop and collaborate with each other. I have a dream of eventually having an entire large building dedicated with multiple work rooms, a gallery, a teaching space and give opportunities for Digital Artists to live/work through short term Artist Residencies.


Studio V1.0 – The Garage.

I started everything in a corner of a 1 car garage. I had a six foot table of which I worked in a windowless, un-insulated and spider bros kept me company. I worked like this for a little over a year in this place, going through two winters. The winters were absolutely frigid! I also was smoked out of my workplace through the wildfires of 2020.