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Eli has made games, VR & AR experiences, graphic design promotional works and 2D/3D Environments. They hold a Bachelors Degree from Washington State University Vancouver from the Creative Media and Digital Culture Program. They love Illustration work and creating imaginary worlds. They have also done a variety of Curatorial work interlacing Art, Games and Digital Art. Eli has been in multiple Exhibits throughout the West Coast and enjoys working collaboratively with an eye towards making things that help make the world suck a little less.

I make beautiful things using Adobe Creative Suite, Clip Studio Paint and Traditional mediums like Graphite and Watercolors. I stream many projects on Twitch where I hold a weekly Art Study Group that I stream on Twitch! Feel free to check it out on Sundays at 6PM PST. I am passionate about art and art education and have given informal talks about my processes on Twitch.

Find me elsewhere online: Twitter, Instagram, Behance, LinkedIn, Dribble, Ko-fi, Patreon, Take a look at my Studio here!